5 Ideas for a Terrific School Fundraiser with GoalFundz!

5 Ideas for a Terrific School Fundraiser with GoalFundz!

Fundraisers are a great way to involve students, guardians, and teachers in the process of improving a school’s financial resources. 

GoalFundz can help you achieve your school fundraising goals with ease. 

We wanted to come up here and share some awesome ideas you could deploy to increase your funds. Schools all over the country observed drastic budget cuts in the last decade, which ultimately pushed us to fend for ourselves.

Did that scare us, though? Absolutely not!

We’re standing strong and we’ll raise funds and give our kids the best!

Let’s quickly count the fundraising ideas we have collected for you.

1.Trivia Night 

If you’re looking for a way to avoid the set-up costs, then trivia night is your best bet! The super easy to execute and fun trivia night is going to be the winner for sure. Everybody loves to compete at some level, and the trivia night will do just that.

(We’re calling it trivia night, but this school fundraising idea could be held at any other time of the day.)

Pick a date, time, and streaming platform like Zoom. If you think your state rules allow you to organize large parties, then clean up the school gym or auditorium.The perfect way to go about this would be to have the participants play in teams. Pick a theme and get on with your trivia questions!

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2.Talent Show

As mentioned before, you could decide to do an online talent show or execute the whole thing in person. Talent shows are extremely entertaining and probably one of the best school fundraising ideas. The competition could be held between sets of people. So, teachers against teachers, students competing against students.

For a virtual talent show, the participants could be asked to upload a video of themselves showing off their talent. The video will be shared with everyone on their contact list and they will be required to vote. Since there are three sets of competitions happening, there will be three winners and three bragging experts!

The entire talent show organization becomes simpler when done in person since we already know the rules of that!

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Get your groove on with a dance marathon to raise funds for your school. Like the trivia night, a dance-a-thon is also going to be a low-cost event. Ideally, you want this event to be held in person so that people can meet up, have conversations, and let loose. The marathon could be held over a period of two to 24 hours,depending on your choice!

You could have people compete in teams or as individuals for your school fundraising event, and as they say, the last one dancing wins!

The competitive nature and yet easy-going vibe of the event is going to fill everyone with a certain joy. At the end of the event, you can have treats and special gifts for the winner.

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4.Auctioning Experiences

The heading says it all, we hope! The idea is to set up an auction where everything on the list will be experienced, rather than items. Auctions are a fantastic way of raising money for your school. Apart from the profit margin, they can be fun and informative.

Here are a few experiences you could auction off at your school fundraising event:

  • Gym membership

  • A day with your favorite teacher

  • Spa day

  • Camping trip

  • Cooking Class with the family

There are several other options you could brainstorm. Make sure the experiences you pick are aligned with your audience’s interests. Plus, be prepared to talk to the businesses offering their services as donations. You must establish a minimum donation amount and set realistic expectations.

Finally, keep the auction light and fun.

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5.Challenge the Norm   

What do you think about a school fundraising event where literally any kind of a challenge can be thrown at you for a prize? Absolutely fun, right?     

So, here’s a list of challenges you could throw at the participants and they could decide whether they’re up for it or call it the quits!

  • Listen to the same song on repeat for the next 5 hours.

  • Die your hair a funky color.

  • Give up your mobile phone for the next 8 hours.

  • Dance off between parents and students/teachers

The possibilities of challenges are endless. If you want your school fundraising event the talk of the town then gets your challenge mode on! Everyone is going to be talking about it for the next couple of months, at least!

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