How can we help when we feel helpless?

How can we help when we feel helpless?

In the face of tragedy we all want to know how we can help. How can we be supportive when we feel helpless?  There are many things we can do that take little effort but can mean the world to someone. Here are a 5 things that we have thought of that may be helpful:

1.  Pray for them. It sounds so simple and it is. It can be so helpful though especially when you do not know what else to do. 

2. Offer a helping hand such as cleaning up, making a meal, lend a listening ear, doing laundry etc. 

3. Give them a gift card for food or gas.

4. Donate to a fundraiser for that specific event/tragedy that goes to the victims and/or their families. 

5. Use GoalFundz website/apps to give back 20% from each discount deal to the Fundraizing Partner of your choice.

What other ways can you think of to help your community in the face of tragedy?


Becky Mustacchio-Team GoalFundz