Learn How To Pick The Best Men’s Haircut & Beard Trimming Style

Learn How To Pick The Best Men’s Haircut & Beard Trimming Style

Just like your apparel, one hairstyle does not fit all. However, unlike your clothes, you have no option to undo them once you have had a haircut or trim your beard until it grows back. That is precisely why it is so important to pick a stylish beard cutting and hair cutting service with a lot of care.

The shape of your face plays a crucial role in determining your ideal hair cutting with beard style. After all, you cannot afford to take the risk of having an additional inch here or there to spoil your look and grooming. So read this article carefully before you visit the barber.

How to look for that perfect combination of hairstyle and beard?

At the outset, it is imperative to make it clear that matching your hairstyle and beard is completely your personal decision. Also, that is for a good reason. A person with a tux will send an entirely different message compared to another person in a casual Hawaiian shirt. Various beards, mustaches, and hairstyles come with their unique indications of your personality and preferences.

We have compiled some handy tips on how to come across that perfect combination of hair and stylish beard-cutting.

1. Check the available combinations of the beard and hairstyle and narrow your options. 

Should you opt for short hair or long hair? Clean shave or goatee? Will a mustache or beard look better on you? The sky is the limit as far as the options are concerned. You should also contemplate which beard and hairstyles are going to enhance your best features. You would also like to choose an option to hide the flaws in your features. For instance, you may try out the following tips:

Things should be in proportion.

Refined smallish features may require refined, smallish facial hair. On the other hand, if your features are more prominent, these can be flattered or counter-balanced by opting for more dominant beards and hairstyles. For instance, a large nose will look less noticeable if one chooses tousled hair and thicker scruff. Also, it can enhance the person’s roguish charm.

Balance your face’s shape.

If a person has a narrow chin, a full beard may come in handy to fill out. Have a high forehead? A textured fringe can create magic. However, avoid overdoing something. You may use a stiletto beard or long hair to add a length to your round face but avoid opting for both things simultaneously.

Draw attention.

Van Dyke, an elaborate structured style, can assist in giving a focus to your round faces. The style may suggest cheekbones, which may not or may exist.

How about showing off a little?

Do you have the idyllic square jaw that makes women drool over your good looks? Go for a style that only you can flaunt, such as the soul patch or chin strap.

2. Take some time out to think about the kind of message you wish to send.

Another useful tip before you finalize one of the hair and beard barber styles is to think about the kind of message you want to send across to others through your haircut and beard style. Let us illustrate this crucial point with a simple example.

A French-cut beard may hint that you are suave and ooze style. On the other hand, the scruffy beard may be a subtle way of expressing that you have just got out of bed and yet look ruggedly handsome. Does a guy have hair past his shoulders? This may again hint at a different type of personality.

3. Opt for different combinations of beard and hairstyle to customize your message.

Have you decided on what message to send across with your grooming? The best way to do this is through mixing and matching. How about opting for a beard style that further highlights the message a haircut is already purring across? For instance, a combo of a buzz cut and stache can create a powerful uniform look.

Alternatively, you may also go for an edgier mismatch and go against popular expectations. However, make sure that you are not too particular about creating sync between your hair, beard, and clothes. Doing so may you look like a character out of a children’s book.

There is no harm in doing a brief experiment, though, before settling down. It is okay if you want a complete transformation. There could be a disaster, but your hair and beard will grow back.

Best Beard Style For A Medium-Length Hairstyle

If you have a medium-length hairstyle, you will enjoy more choices with your beard. It means any style will look good, starting from a long beard to a clean-shaven face. However, try to have a proper balance between the two. It means if your hair is dark, shaggy, and thick, do not grow your facial hair too much as it can boomerang.

Best Beard Style For Short Hairstyle

A French crop is a conservative hairstyle and is more suitable for formal working environments. If you keep this factor in your mind, it is best to go for a clean-shaven look.

Best Beard Style For Long Hairstyle

You sport mid-length hair but now want to opt for a longer hairstyle. It makes sense to ensure your bone structure is square/masculine or has a beard. Otherwise, chances are you may end up appearing extremely feminine.

Final Words

You should not break your bank by refreshing your look. At the same time, it is always better to spend some time taking advice on which beard and hairstyle combination will enhance your look. The tips we covered above are not hard and fast guidelines. However, it helps when you consider the face shape while zeroing in on your hairstyle and beard. Choose our reputable hair salon as the experts can guide you properly.

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