Motion BEFORE Emotion! By: Christie Taylor Co-Owner @ trufit20
Motion BEFORE Emotion-How exercise helps our mental health not just our physical health!
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5 Ideas for a Terrific School Fundraiser with GoalFundz!
Fundraisers are a great way to involve students & teachers to improve a school’s financial resources. Achieve your school fundraising goals with ease with GoalFundz.
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Fundraizing Partner Movie Nights Are So Fun!
Raising money at the movies!
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How can we help when we feel helpless?
5 ways to help in the face of tragedy...
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Do you know what GoalFundz is yet?
Do you know what GoalFundz is yet? GoalFundz is a new daily deals meets Fundraizing Partner app and website. It’s your one stop shop to score amazing discounted deals around the Denver metro area and raise money for a cause you believe in at the same time. What can be better than that right.
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