10 Ionic Cleanse Foot Detox Sessions


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You will get 10 Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Sessions!

Detoxification is a vital component of any holistic or alternative practice. Since toxicity wreaks havoc on every system of the body, clearing it out will greatly enhance health.  Biocompatible electrical frequencies enter the water, eliciting a relaxation response in the body. Concurrently, the electrical frequencies create an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body through the healing power of ions.  The process ionizes the water, as H20 is split into OH- and H+ ions. These ions attract and neutralize oppositely charged toxins. Different colors that you see in the water can relate to different areas that are being purified in the body.  Not feeling well?  Sit in a warm detox footbath to relieve your symptoms and speed up recovery. 

10 Ionic Cleanse Foot Detox Sessions


$500.00 $250.00 50%

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