Updated 09.27.21

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting The GoalFundz, LLC (“GoalFundz” “we” “us” “our”) Playing Field (The Playing Field”). The Playing Field includes our website www.goalfundz.com as well as our mobile application. By accessing The Playing Field, you agree to all parts of The GoalFundz Privacy Policy and GoalFundz Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use do not access The Playing Field at any time for any reason. We value your business and take your privacy seriously. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy please contact GoalFundz customer assistance on The GoalFundz Playing Field.

Information collected on The Playing Field

GoalFundz will collect anything that you provide to us on The Playing Field this includes but is not limited to; name, email, phone number, address, payment information, geolocation, purchases you make, things you have viewed or liked, donations made, your preferences, your preferred Fundraizing Partner (“FP”), date of birth, gender, images of you, reviews, any third party sites you visit through the links provided on The Playing Field, any players you draft or attempt to draft to The Playing Field, time-zones, and anything of the like. We may also collect the following information but it is not limited to; your contacts and phone and email addresses of your contacts via your mobile device, email, and social media accounts, IP address, geolocation, browser type, and your information may be added to GoalFundz databases or other third-party affiliates that may or not be in our control. All users on The Playing Field must be at least 18 years of age to create their own Shopper, Vendor, and/or Fundraizing Partner account. In the event that GoalFundz finds out any user is not 18 we have the right to promptly delete or suspend your account without notice, and you will permanently lose all GoalFundz Cash in this event.

We gather this information when you access The Playing Field by creating a Shopper Account, Vendor Account, FP Account, or just browsing The Playing Field in general. We also collect information when you post a Shopper Review on The Playing Field, if you comment on any of our social media accounts, click on any of our links via social networking, open or respond to emails, and/or texts, make any purchases or donations on The Playing Field, when you Draft a Friend, share any Dealz or Fundraizing Partner from The Playing Field or any other platform you find them listed, by contacting GoalFundz in any way, or by interacting with anywhere online that has GoalFundz information on it. By providing any health information to The GoalFundz Playing Field regarding you, any minor children, or someone or something you are acting on behalf of you agree that this information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and you are posting this information on a public forum and it will be viewable by the public. This information will be available for anyone wishing to share the Fundraizing Partner however they deem necessary for the success of the Fundraizing Partner as long as they are following GoalFundz Terms of Use. GoalFundz is not responsible in part or in whole for the accuracy of any of the information provided from the person or entity creating the Fundraizing Partner.

How we use your information from The Playing Field

We may use information provided by you or a third party or any information you may provide about a third party to track your geolocation for the purpose of sending you Dealz that may be of interest to you based upon your current or previous geolocation. We may also use this information to let you know of Fundraizing Partner that may be of interest to you or that may be being advertised by GoalFundz. We may use this information to prompt you or anyone you drafted or attempted to draft to become a Shopper on The Playing Field. We may track Dealz and/or Fundraizing Partner you have looked at on The Playing Field or social media sites to show you similar Dealz and/or Fundraizing Partner that may be of interest to you. We may use any collected information to send you emails, texts, messages on social media, social media advertising, push notifications, direct mail, or anything of the like. We will use this information to send you promotions, Dealz, information, etc, for marketing and advertising purposes. We may also collect information for the sole purpose of researching ways to better serve the GoalFundz Community. This may include your personal preferences and how you interact on The Playing Field and/or social media sites and any other third-party site. We will share your information with any third party we deem necessary within reason such as Fundraizing Partner, Vendors, etc. GoalFundz may use your information to aggregate statistics and analytics for our tracking needs. This includes but is not limited to ranking how much money you’ve raised for specific FP, popular Dealz, Dealz viewed, GoalRush, number of players drafted by a Shopper, and anything of the like.

GoalFundz may collect and use any information you provide on The Playing Field by sharing or gifting any items on The Playing Field to another person such as, friends, family, colleagues, or anyone you decide to share information with regarding The Playing Field.

GoalFundz may use your information as required by law for government mandates, audits, compliance, any legal subpoenas or depositions, to prevent fraud, warrants, criminal activity, or terrorism. If GoalFundz is involved with any court proceedings against GoalFundz your information may be used for this purpose.

As GoalFundz grows we may or may not sell or acquire other businesses or assets. If any of the following occur such as a merger, reorganization, dissolution, sale, or any event of the like your information may be transferred as an asset.

Your Preferences

The more information you provide to GoalFundz the better your interaction on The Playing Field will be. However, we understand that you may not be comfortable providing all the information we collect. You may limit the information you provide by accessing your Settingz on The Playing Field, by opting out of texts and emails sent to you by GoalFundz.

Mobile Communications

By accessing The Playing Field on a mobile device, you agree that GoalFundz may communicate with you via MMS, SMS, text message, or any other electronic means to your mobile device. Please remember that your wireless service providers standard charges data rates and other fees may apply when you visit The Playing Field on a mobile device. If at any time your phone number changes, or is no longer active please update your Shopper profile under your Settingz tab.

Updating Your Settingz

You can change any data such as your name, address, and other information in your Shopper Account by clicking the Settingz icon on The Playing Field. You may also upload or change a photo, but keep in mind any photos you upload will be public on The Playing Field or any of our social media accounts, newsletters, flyers, or anything of the like. GoalFundz will not give you recognition or monetary payments if we use any photos you provide. Please keep all personal information up to date as this enhances your experience on The Playing Field.

If you wish to deactivate your account please contact GoalFundz under our customer assistance tab. We may deactivate your account but cannot promise that certain information will not be retained for financial reporting, compliance, and keeping track of past dealz and amounts raised for your Fundraizing Partner(s). We may also keep records of your activities for legal obligations, resolving disputes, and/or enforcing any agreements we have. Keep in mind by deactivating your account you will lose any GoalFundz Cash and you will not be able to purchase any Dealz on The Playing Field or Fundraizing Partner.

Cookies: Not the Kind You Eat!

Cookies are little tidbits of information that we collect to keep track of your preferences and recognize you to further enhance your experience on The Playing Field. When you first visit The Playing Field you may or may not be asked to enable cookies. If you wish to not have cookies enabled please visit your browser and/or mobile device on your computer or mobile device and follow the instructions laid out by them as each browser and mobile device and security settings are different. If you choose to disable the cookies in whole or in part on The Playing Field, you may not be able to make purchases, donations, view certificates, or view certain content on The Playing Field. You may need to enable cookies to ensure you have full access to The Playing Field. Cookies are also used to show you ads for GoalFundz, both on and off of The Playing Field.


Individuals residing in European Union Countries

If you are not from the United States of America you agree that by accessing The Playing Field or any other third-party associated with GoalFundz that is collecting your personal information, either with or without our knowledge, you agree that you are aware and you accept that you are not receiving the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) protections that you would in Europe. GoalFundz does not do business in Europe and if you are from Europe and stumble upon The Playing Field you are subject to the United states Privacy Policy laws. You agree and accept the GoalFundz Privacy Policy in whole and without exception. Your personal information will still be protected in the manner described in the GoalFundz Privacy Policy.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes, we use a full Security Sockets Layer (“SSL”) encrypted software that we submit your information to a secured gateway for payment processing. A third-party processor may store your credit card and/or payment information. Any third-party processors affiliated with GoalFundz are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”) compliant to the best of our knowledge. GoalFundz is not at any time storing your credit card or payment information. We are not in charge of your login information, so please be aware of who has access to your devices and logout of any public or non-personal devices and/or accounts.

Internet & App Safety

Please be mindful and aware of the information you share with GoalFundz directly or indirectly, as we cannot fully guarantee your data safety. We use encryption technology to protect your financial information to the best of our ability. However, by using the internet or apps you understand that there is never a 100% guarantee of protection, no matter what securities are in place.

Breach Notification Laws

In the event that GoalFundz experiences any kind of security breach that would involve your personal information we will do our very best to notify you, The Shopper, Vendor, and/or Fundraizing Partner, what if any, information was breached. In the event that this happens GoalFundz is not responsible for any ramifications that may arise from said breach. It is also imperative that you keep all of your contact information up to date on The Playing Field so that we may contact you if needed.

Social Media

If any player accesses The Playing Field via a social media site GoalFundz or any third party acting on GoalFundz behalf, may be collecting your credentials for any social media site you use and GoalFundz may also access your friends, contacts, likes, photographs, and any other information available to us. GoalFundz and your social media accounts may be linked to enhance your experience and ability to share things from The Playing Field. You may have the option on The Playing Field to share your activity such as Dealz, Fundraizing Partner, or anything of the like and you acknowledge and agree that if you share any information of your activities from The GoalFundz Playing Field that your friends, followers, subscribers, admin, or any other people on social media will be able to see such activity. GoalFundz has no liability or responsibility for any of the privacy acts or actions of any social media outlets. Please be aware and make yourself familiar with each specific social media sites privacy terms. By doing any of the previously stated activities you grant GoalFundz permission to access any and all information provided on your social media profiles.

Third-Party Marketing

There may be links available on The Playing Field that will direct you to third-party sites. GoalFundz is not responsible or in the know about what they collect or how they use that information. Please read their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to be aware of this information. We may use third-party marketers to enhance your experience on The Playing Field. We may collect information about you and/or your preferences both on and off The Playing Field. Third-party marketers may place cookies or other tracking technologies on your computer, mobile phone or any other device you may use to access The Playing Field. This may track any activity you do on these devices, not just The Playing Field. GoalFundz has the right to share any of your information collected on The Playing Field to our third-party marketers. Our third-party marketers may also receive your IP address to advertise to you. If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics you may install the Google Analytics opt out browser. GoalFundz is not responsible if you are not aware of third-party advertisers’ policies regarding privacy and Terms of Use. So please make yourself familiar with these items before taking advantage of any offers and/or promotions. You may choose to opt out from any third-party marketer information they send you. This is no guarantee that you will not see any advertisements from them or from GoalFundz.

Well Intended Concepts

Please see our Terms of Use for our policy on well intended concepts under well intended concepts.

Updates and Changes to our Privacy Policy

GoalFundz may change and/or update our privacy policy without notice and without reason. Please check back from time to time to see the most current update. The date of the most recent change will be displayed at the top of this privacy policy. If at any time you do not agree with or like what our privacy policy entails please stop the use of your account immediately by contacting GoalFundz on The Playing Field by using our customer assistance page.


You may contact GoalFundz at:

GoalFundz, LLC

2993 S. Peoria St.

Suite G-10

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