24 Nov 2020
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21 Nov 2020
18 Nov 2020
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18 Nov 2020
Douglas county schools in Colorado. Pick up days are Fridays. Please share!
15 Nov 2020
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11 Nov 2020
🇺🇸Thank you to our veterans! As a token of our appreciation we would like to give you $5 in GoalFundz Cash if you've ever served this great nation! 🎗Simply create your free shopper account and put what branch you served in under "How'd you hear about GoalFundz" in the registration form and we will put the money in your shopper account! Again, thank you and happy veteran's day! 💻 SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE AT: www.goalfundz.com *valid through 11.12.2020*
11 Nov 2020
This ornament perfectly sums up 2020!
11 Nov 2020
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10 Nov 2020
Here's some great information from our Fundraizing Partner Aurora Mental Health Center! Please join one or all and feel free to share!
09 Nov 2020
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06 Nov 2020
🚨Cherry Creek School Students/Parents 🍔FREE MEALS🍒 PLEASE SHARE!!
04 Nov 2020
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31 Oct 2020
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28 Oct 2020
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26 Oct 2020
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26 Oct 2020
Kids are so sweet!
25 Oct 2020
In case you need it!
22 Oct 2020
Adorable! What are you being for halloween?! Tell us in the comments.
22 Oct 2020
It's true!! Haha
20 Oct 2020
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18 Oct 2020
📣DISCOUNT DEAL📣 One Initial Whole Body Cryotherapy Session Whole Body Cryotherapy with the RecoveryXR Chamber surrounds your body, up to the neck, with extremely cold (up to -220°F ), non-toxic nitrogen gas. This dry chill allows you to experience a pleasant cooling sensation, not a bone-chilling feeling of an ice-bath, while naturally triggering your body's most powerful healing and wellness mechanisms. It is a natural wellness treatment with no negative side effects recorded to date. ✴Get 1, 3 or 5 sessions now at: https://www.goalfundz.com/deal-details/whole-body-cryotherapy 🚸Remember EVERY deal purchased supports a fundraiser of your choosing!
16 Oct 2020
True story!!
15 Oct 2020
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